An Apology

Look. I know you all are expecting me to wax eloquently about the reaction to my earlier post. And that will happen at some point. (Hint: Mark Kern totally didn’t get it.)

But, look. You have to understand something here. I’m a gamer. I’m not just saying that because it’s my career or anything like that. I seriously really like games. And specific games.

Look, what I’m trying to tell you, it’s not you, it’s me.


So tonight you guys can argue about Letmarks Peak all you want… I am playing out what would happen if the Kingdom of Jerusalem fled to the New World (to where I grew up, specifically). And converted to Judaism. And become crazy warrior monks that took over the eastern seaboard of the US. And decided it was their destiny to reconquer Europe.

Because, really, why not? Gaming is about following your dreams.


Don’t judge my dreams.

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  1. I miss EU and CK something fierce. I’ve been too busy Hunting Monsters with friends to really dig into any of the recent expansions.

  2. Am I correct that only Cyprus can create the Kingdom of Jerusalem? Can’t see how one can possibly beat the Ottomans to get that territory. Or perhaps I play too prudently.

    By the way, is it just me, or are the EUIV AI bordering countries just crazy about claim creation in comparison to EUIII?

    I must say I prefer Victoria II, even though the economic model makes no sense, and even though I can’t ever see the appeal of playing as a major power (which the game design all but encourages by giving them functional resources — silk in Lombardy, really?). Now, what’s fun is playing as Hawaii, trying to hit secondary power status and finding the money to build a level-3 base in time to colonize New Guinea. In one game, a set of favourable circumstances (like the freebie fabric factory getting supplies and actually making money, and Japan not westernizing until 1880 or so) I was so successful that I not only managed to colonize all of New Guinea, but also to build a base there in time to colonize Borneo, not to mention all the other islands.

    Then I sit back and watch my industries remain half-empty for lack of immigration in spite of a stellar democratic record while migrants still flock to Brazil even as a bourgeois dictatorship.