A Brief Programming Note

– I am still here!

– Most of the discussion is on Broken Forum over here ->   Five out of three grognards agree: Broken Forum is great!

– I have (as of this week) joined the merry crew at Portalarium to work on Shroud of the Avatar. Yes, I now work for Richard Garriott. Yes, I am aware of all the irony.

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  1. If I donated to the SotA Kickstarter, am I allowed to indignantly inform you that “I pay your salary” should the need arise?

  2. Kickin’ it old-school with forums, I see.

    Good luck with the gig. I hope you’ll bring back pre-casting. 🙂

  3. The broken forum is an unwelcoming and insular group of out casts from yet another forum.

    It has nothing to do with the people who used to respond to this blog.