Precious Comments By Game Industry Executives, #19 In A Series

“Zynga is not a very subtle company, are they?” — anonymous

Eric Schiermeyer, a co-founder of Zynga, an online game company and maker of huge hits like FarmVille, has said he has helped addict millions of people to dopamine, a neurochemical that has been shown to be released by pleasurable activities, including video game playing, but also is understood to play a major role in the cycle of addiction.

But what he said he believed was that people already craved dopamine and that Silicon Valley was no more responsible for creating irresistible technologies than, say, fast-food restaurants were responsible for making food with such wide appeal.

“They’d say: ‘Do we have any responsibility for the fact people are getting fat?’ Most people would say ‘no,’ ” said Mr. Schiermeyer. He added: “Given that we’re human, we already want dopamine.”

Eric Schiermeyer
Part Of The Problem, Zynga
From a New York Times article about addictive technology


2 thoughts on “Precious Comments By Game Industry Executives, #19 In A Series

    • UnknownSubject says:

      Because heroin is illegal and therefore evil.

      Zynga games (and gambling, and fast food, and alcohol) are legal and therefore a basic human right. 

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