Everquest II Going Free To Play, Again, They Mean It This Time

News here – instead of subscriber servers and a free-to-play “Everquest II Extended” server, the entire game is going free-to-play.

Last year, we created a successful, but separate, “free to play” service for EQII called “EverQuest II: Extended” (EQ2X). However, now that all servers are becoming free-to-play, we are combining both services together and EverQuest II (including the EQ2X servers) will operate as a single game with a single membership structure.


The new membership structure for EverQuest II is simpler and easier to understand than the one we used previously, and we’ve adjusted the model so that Gold members in EverQuest II will get everything that current EQII subscribers do currently.



8 thoughts on “Everquest II Going Free To Play, Again, They Mean It This Time

  1. VPellen says:

    It depresses the crap out of me that WoW ended up dominating the industry so badly that the only way developers saw fit to compete was not through radical and innovative changes in game design, but rather through changes in business model.

  2. gx1080 says:

    Why, do you mean that giving out a single, overworked server that makes game assets load slower than a browser game was a *bad* thing and people didn’t wanted to give SOE money?

    I’m shocked.

  3. Sinij says:

    This is what happens when you try out-DIKU WoW. Decades of cloning finally came back to bite the industry in the ass, at this point DIKU ding-gratz gameplay got polished to such extreme that the only way you can differentiate your product is with a price point.

    • JuJutsu says:

      Not entirely, art style still varies. WoW’s art makes my eyes bleed, even free-to-play wouldn’t draw me in. I could go back to EQII if there wasn’t another game coming soon that I would rather pay-to-play.

  4. kinshi says:

    Thing about F2P for me, is price point has little bearing on my willingness to play. If I am not playing an MMO it is because I do not want to, and being free/freemium changes nothing for me. Its only in the rare case where I was already paying (aka because I wanted to play that game) that a F2P transition made me want to play more.

  5. Tobiazian says:

    your points on wow are mute everquest was before wow everquest is the model that wow was built on everquest was first still prob better then most mmo;s out there and its over 13 years old 

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