13 thoughts on “A Brief Programming Note From Hilmar The Businesscat

  1. dartwick says:

    Well after repeating “its not what you say its what you do”  maybe 100 times on the official forum as I ranted against  EVE since the debacle I would have to say Im feeling pretty fucking good.

    • John Smith says:

       The whole “its not what you say its what you do” argument has always  bothered me. Because even if 99% (yes, I am generalizing) of the player base is against company sponsored RMT, all it takes is that 1% to actually purchase something for it to be a profitable endeavor for the company. Let’s face it, selling virtual goods is basically printing your own money. It’s really hard for it not to succeed when your long term production and operating costs for a completely automated cash shop pumping out imaginary pixels is ZERO.

      Once a company decides it’s going to double dip and sell pixels, it’s already a done deal no matter what the player base, majority or otherwise, thinks/says/cries about. This is why the subscription model is “dead”. Players no longer have a say  because this is just way too lucrative to care about niceties like morals or ethics.

      They say they are sorry and say it was a mistake, everything is forgiven and forgotten, except it’s not. The cash shop is still there and it will be expanded in the future. It will never go away. In any game. Ever. It’s the mmo version of dlc. You pay for the full game, you pay for, presumably, full access to the game, but somewhere along the line little bits and pieces just happened to get snipped off and get sold to you later.

      Another example: I’m really digging aion’s solution to the rng problem. Clearly it is beyond the power of the developer’s to tweak the ingame rates of certain chance items… but they do have the power to sell you a 100% chance item in the cash shop. I’d think that would require a little more coding but what do I know? I’d love to shake the hand of the man who wrote that little ditty.
      I do not play aion anymore but things like this, where the developer’s openly abuse the player base, really make me wonder just how much mmo players will put up with.

      Let’s turn the original argument around on them for once. It’s not what you say… but what you do.

  2. Sinij says:

    Well, they are SAYING right things, that is step up from other dev houses caught in a similar situation. For example, Moneyhats_Blizzard had lead developer raging “L2P noobs” on the front page earlier this year.

  3. VPellen says:

    I had a dream last night about resubbing to WoW and not being able to afford a microtransaction flying mount. Also there was a microtransaction MLP unicorn thing, which I COULD afford.. but I lost my old one so I had to buy a new one but I bought a more advanced model but I was still disgruntled because I really wanted that dragon.

    Then I woke up and I read this.

    I think I’m happy?

  4. gx1080 says:

    As a follower of this amusing saga, I have to say that I’m impressed. I don’t fully bought the humilty on those words of course, but just writing it is a 180º spin from the previous “suck it pissants” statements.

    Also, here I thought that The Mitani’s ego couldn’t possibly get bigger.

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