Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

If nothing else, the images of avatars chilling while complaining about game companies are getting awfully photorealistic.

You have 14 Days. If after that time the Plane is not properly tuned, I am deleting my characters, and cancelling all of my accounts. The rest of my guild will follow suit, as will several other guilds and people that play Everquest.

To be brief, I did not work my ass off, jumping through your idiotic hoops with my friends and guildmates, so I could go to a zone where only groups of 18 could enjoy the content. EVEN if past these initial moronic events I can finally get my entire guild in to raid with me, F__K YOU GUYS. Seriously, F__K YOU.

I cannot believe this… right now I’m just so pissed off. I am sitting here in the Plane of Time, and 3/4 of my guild is just sitting around while a group of 18 is repeatedly trying to beat one of the mini ring encounters. Don’t you people have ANY F__KING DECENCY? SMEDLEY WHY DON’T YOU STOP COUNTING YOUR MONEY AND START ISSUING ORDERS?

The tragic irony of creating the ultimate cockblock encounter in the form of the Rathe which requires 80 people to defeat and then to limit encounters in the Plane of Time to 18.

14 Days…. after that this site will change from the most popular EQ fan site on the internet to the most popular World of Warcraft fan site on the internet. I’m done playing ball with you useless f__kers… it’s my turn.

Alex “Furor Planedefiler” Afrasiabi
Leader of “Fires of Heaven”, Everquest’s most notorious guild
May 9, 2003

…our interactions with CCP’s upper management in the aftermath of the Emergency Summit have shown us that the suits are not treating the needs of the players with the gravity they deserve; our willingness to negotiate in a chill way with the FiS [“Flying in Space”, aka the primary Eve Online game as opposed to “Walking in Stations”] teams (which has met with obvious success) is being misinterpreted as a sign of weakness and compliance by the suits.

So the gloves come off. There’s not much point for Goonswarm striving to ‘fix EVE’ by seizing control of the CSM [Council of Stellar Management, Eve’s player-elected representatives] and negotiating successfully with the FiS devs if the amount of resources allocated to FiS itself dwindles and the game continues to stagnate. In the coming weeks we are going to be making some extremely loud statements regarding the neglect of FiS, the failure of Incarna, and the need for CCP’s management to pull the game out of this stall. We need something new to do, not something new to wear.

This will not take the form of an incoherent threadnaught (though that certainly got results, last time) but we may seize control of the internet’s dynamic media – Slashdot, Digg, Reddit, and the gaming press as a whole for several news cycles.

We will not stand idly by as an alliance while our subscription money goes to waste, watching the game we pay to play spiraling into entropy due to the folly and neglect of CCP’s management. It is not yet time to start a fire, but get your gasoline ready.

Alex “The Mittani” Gianturco
Leader of “Goonswarm Federation”, Eve Online’s most notorious guild
September 3, 2011

So, given history’s inevitable cyclical nature, I suppose we should expect The Mittani to give up his promising career as a corporate attorney for life as a worldbuilder on The Old Republic shortly!


37 thoughts on “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose

  1. Luckton says:

    I think this is the eventual ‘wall’ that sandbox MMOs hit.  They’ve done everything they can do in the game, dominated everyone they can, and are now bored as hell.  I honestly don’t know what else they can do that would add ‘flavor’ to the game…it already carries a bad stigma of “if you weren’t here at the start, it’s pointless to join now.”  The learning curve hasn’t become any less curvaceous, and combined with the price to pay to play the game, it’s all folly.

    IMO, the game needs a serious shot in the arm of PvE.  Like, PvE content that acts like organized players do…actively seeking out players and adding some serious randomness and fear to old crones that still play.  I agree with them that CCP is heading in the wrong direction, but as you’ve said, we’ve seen these rants before, and the world keeps on spinnin’… 

    • dartwick says:

       You are wrong.

      They havent “done everything they can.”
      You can add incremental content to an MMO forever and EVE has plenty of rom for horizonatl  growth. Which is all thats required to keep the game feeling fresh.

      They stopped adding content because they shifted the majority of their resources yo the 2 other games they have in development.  Back when Iceland was rich they made some very ambitious moves, now they are deperate to make them pay off and have stripped the EVE developer staff to accomplish this.

    • red dot mist says:

      Actually they’ve already added this content in the form of Wormholes and Incursions.  PvE is probably in the best state it’s ever been in EVE right now.

    • Aryndel Vyst says:

      It’s not a wall. It’s them taking the people that built the sandbox to go and try and build other rides for the playground. It’s pretty simple. People play Eve for internet spaceships. It’s one of the only relatively successful space MMO’s at this point and they are too busy trying to redirect the internet spaceships part and turn it into Second Life lite to generate tech for the other MMO’s and games they want to develop. As a result spreading themselves too thin, and the guys that actually want to get shit done for Flying in Space don’t have the resources they need to get things done in a timely manner. It’s a disconnect between the players and the CCP executives, and even the developers and the executives.

  2. VPellen says:

    To be fair, the CSM have a slightly more official role and more noticable influence than somebody who runs a fansite, and Eve isn’t a sharded MMO, so being the most renowned “guild” actually means something. Also, as gx linked, CCP are generally being.. well, dicks as of late.

    And it’s Jita 4-4, Sephiroth.

  3. Sometimes it’s more obvious than others that MMORPG developers apparently need a degree in political science and/or sociology in the unlikely event their game actually captures some form of popularity.

    Design-wise, it’s a bitch, really.  Players want a challenge and something to strive for.  Yet, they don’t want to be forced to do something mind-numbingly stupid, either.  No problem, all you’ve gotta do is balance the mechanic to facilitate each and every player’s individual opinion about where that threshold of challenge:pain is.  Oh, and because this is a persistent state environment, individual difficulty sliders is deemed unfair.

    Screw this shit.  I’m making a perpetual motion machine.

  4. dartwick says:

    AS a long time EVE player and probably the most persistent bitcher on the official forums I fully support people getting angry with CCP because they have been dishonest and essentially stopped developing the space ship part of EVE.


    This “event” is primarily about feeding Mittens/Mittanni’s ego.

  5. Polynices says:

    I, for one, am horrified to discover that longtime commenter geldonyetich actually has a -sky on the end of his name. The things you learn from new commenting code.

    Wait, what was the topic again?

  6. Vetarnias says:

    Returning your hello, gx.  Actually, EVE did not really “suck”, it just wasn’t my style.

    But what I remember now, looking at Mittani’s post, is Geldon’s claim (at the time of the incident with the Band of Brothers executive who turned the keys over to the Goons) that it was boredom that was responsible.  Which seems to be exactly what Mittani is saying, even though CCP does seem to be focusing on the incorrect priorities.

  7. Wilhelm Arcturus says:

    Mittens certainly seems more literate than Afrasiabi, so chalk that up to a change for the better over time.  Afrasiabi comes off as an incoherent posturing a-hole full of empty threats and f-bombs, while Mittens sounds like he has a plan and a casus belli to go with it.

    See what law school will do for you.

  8. Meh says:

    meh…just make megaman online and be done with it,

    and make all of the boss type guys take a bunch of neckbeards pressing “A,B,C” over and over in concert to kill it. Also make sure to have lots of silly fantasy land stereotypes……gnomes, hobbits and orcs…etc….

    druids and warriors are awesome…..really……

    yawn……has super puzzle fighter 2 gone online yet?

  9. Chris Dickerson says:

    Experience debt… most moronic game mechanic ever. Well, there was the “blame players for game bugs” mechanic (or ‘exploits’).

    Go Qeynos!

  10. Some Dumbass says:

    Please leave Goonswarm, and see if you can’t convince a few other populous corps and alliances to go with you. Makes plenty of room for the less hardcore and hardlined of EVE’s (former) populace, such as myself.

    Of course, I’m kidding myself if Somethingawful’s Goons and other corps will evaporate completely from the server, but in either case, Mittani can be sure of one thing if he does decide to stop drama-queening and actually leave along with most of the goons… that there would be just as many disenfranchised players willing to successfully fill in the collective niche left by them.

  11. Zagum says:

    What? Goonies care about EVE working after they have used every know hack,bug and loop hole to cheat,lie and steal their way into power.  To purposely crash a system with 1000 rifters full of bookmarks in order to puss win a system because the timers run out while the system is down.  They are less qualified to speak about for the “Good of the Game” bs than my beta fish.  Fuck them, let them reap what they sow.  If they are bored, boohoo hoo, I am crying inside, really I am.

    • some dude says:

      Uh, you realize that CCP Soundwave (the guy running actual spaceships development right now) and CCP Sreegs (the guy in charge of security and fighting botters) are both former Goonfleet CEOs?  If you don’t like Goons deciding the direction of Eve, you should probably go play My Little Pony Online or something instead…

      • JuJutsu says:

        “If you don’t like Goons deciding the direction of Eve, you should probably go play My Little Pony Online or something instead…”
        Are you really as silly as that makes you sound? 

  12. Naladini says:

    And after all that whining, Afterlife got past the initial ring encounter without changes, and Township Rebellion defeated Quarm….

  13. ubvman says:

    “And after all that whining, Afterlife got past the initial ring
    encounter without changes, and Township Rebellion defeated Quarm….”

    And there isn’t a precedent of devs leaking spoilers / bug exploit tips or even blatant help to rival guilds to make the politically troublesome guilds look bad…

    In any other industry you’d have a point but in an environment as corrupt and immature (as in kid immature) as the gaming field (especially MMOGs) – it means nothing. FoH and Furor had a point.

  14. Mithfindel says:

    For people calling PVE content – it is good to note that EVE has never really been a PVE game. Sure, there’s a lot of people PVEing, but honestly, it’s crap. Now what draws people into the game is the news are the metagame (spying, thefts, scams – all legal within the ingame rules) and the huge wars. One of CCP’s problems is that there are brilliant people there who design great things, but then fail to implement them. For example, the last sovereignty (“capture & hold”) mechanic update was supposed to have things like vassalages and one of the driving concepts was to have less grind. Instead, we got HP amount buffs and another grind mechanic, and anything more complex was thrown out of the window. Similarly there are other, less popular mechanics, such as the war between the NPC factions (which was a “flagship feature” of an expansion), which were implemented broken and have since been completely forgotten.

  15. It must be safe now…  Um, my RPG uses macros to self perpetuate.  There are 127 different encounter types with 22 different forms of required combat that can be used in each encounter.  Each auto generated encounter will naturally thread and progress based on 6 different progression possibilities…  CCP could do this, probably have tried it. Buggy? Sure but so what. Grow a pair.  There is no final encounter. The numbers just get bigger and bigger. 

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