October 2004


Randy Farmer, who’s been at this longer than most, on creating a virtual economy that survives contact with eBay, with a detailed model of one designed for children.

I took it as a personal challenge to someday build a virtual economy that did not rely on the slippery slope of the typical MMOG. In 2003, I was given that opportunity when I was the lead designer for a tiny self-funded startup working on a children\’c3\’a2\’e2\’82\’ac\’e2\’84\’a2s virtual world. KidTrade is the name that I\’c3\’a2\’e2\’82\’ac\’e2\’84\’a2ve given for the economic model I\’c3\’a2\’e2\’82\’ac\’e2\’84\’a2ve extracted from that design and am now presenting here. I offer it as an alternate economic model with many interesting properties, including resistance to the sale of game items and currency on eBay.

As a bonus, the model dismisses a levelling treadmill in the opener. What’s not to love?


I’ve gone ahead and imported the old LtM archives into the brokentoys.org archives.

What this means is that if you do a search, you’ll probably find something really, really out of date and poorly formatted. LtM was originally an almost direct opposite of brokentoys.org’s color scheme, which means the original text coloring is interesting.

Still, it beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.


Arcadian del Sol: Here
BruceR: Here
Buur: Was here, site appears to be down at the moment.
Delusion: Here (story archive here).
Eldin: Missing, presumed having a good time.
Great Bob: Sometimes writes here.
Hedron: Here. (story archive here).
Lietgardis: Currently a designer for Shadowbane and well aware of the irony.
Lum: Currently a programmer for Imperator and rumored to have a blog somewhere.
Lum’s Other Half: Still Lum’s Other Half.
Mako: Sometimes writes here. SILENCE!
Myschyf: No longer active in the net.community.
Niobe: Currently a designer for Ultima Online.
Riprend: Still around, no site known.
Savant: Here.
Snowspinner: Sometimes writes here. (Edit courtesy Lietgardis)
Tick: Still around, no site known.

(Why the blog post? Because I”m linking to it in the archives. Hush, you.)


I just got through deleting about a half dozen posts questioning my ethics and morals relating to my leaving lumthemad.net and starting my present job. In a thread about Dick Cheney strangling puppies. I guess that’s appropriate. However, I’m not going to continue hosting a conspiracy theory about how somehow I used my AWESOME INTARWEB POWERZ to destroy freedom in the galaxy in the process of my selling out all children everywhere.

It was three years ago. 99% of MMO players have no idea who Lum the Mad was. If you’re still convinced I killed my website to appease Mark Jacobs, and am a horrible person who should pray for death, then, well, have fun. But don’t expect me to host a discussion on how precisely I failed your children.


Wonkette has the best recap.

Bush-Cheney’s global test: You must be able to beat up Howard Dean. “If [Kerry] can’t stand up to the pressures of Howard Dean, how can he stand up to terrorists?” Of course: the terrorist threat posed by Howard Dean. We’re pretty sure we saw him trying to set his shoes on fire during Letterman last night. . .

(It was a draw, by the way. Much like the election probably will be.)


I’m sure when/if we finally invade North Korea and free its people, Michael Moore will show a movie where we have destroyed the halcyon carefree existence of a worker’s paradise.

At that time, it would behoove one to remember this. (Warning: link extremely graphic.)