Karyn’s ma

Karyn’s made about 8 grand now. Imagine how much she’d make if she had a webcam.


Where have all the ranters gone? Loooong time passing… DD (no, not that DD, another DD) is correct in that had I not been hired by the Evil Empire (East Coast div.) that I was close to hanging up the flamethrower anyway. It had all been said. Note, for example, the total lack of meaningful content on the page you are reading right now.


War! Good god, y’all, what is it GOOD FOR! For a cryptofascist I have surprisingly little opinion on our imminent march on Baghdad. I mean, yes, Saddam Hussein is a bad man. We know he is a bad man because he has a bad man name. “Saddam”. It sounds vaguely like an obscenity a Southern belle sunday school teacher would use when overwrought and under the influence of too much sarsparilla. He also has a bad habit of keeping a large standing army ready to invade his neighbors at a moments notice. (We’d never stand for that!) Not to mention building nuclear weapons and then threaten to use them on their neighbors (We’d NEVER allow that to happen!) As you might have noticed from my snarky parentheticals, the hypocritical nature of it all irritates me. I mean, if we’re going to send the Special Forces in on any crappy little dictatorship that makes life miserable for its constituents and doesn’t allow them the freedom to vote, we’re going to have to start with the District of Columbia. It’s a lot closer. From the Pentagon you could commute to the battlefield!